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Rich & Carolyn

South Beach, San Francisco

We spent the entire summer in 2013 sailing from Coronado to San Francisco.  This picture was taken at South Beach Marina on San Francisco Bay.  We are continually updating our address book for family and friends.  Please send an email to aztucwatson@gmail.com or join Rich on Facebook.

Jonathan & Alicia

Jon and Alicia Howard

Son, Jonathan & his wife, Alicia, live and work in Phoenix.  Jonathan is an artist and graphic designer, and Alicia works in the college library system.

Jonathan George and Phyllis

Jonathan withGeorge Welch & his wife, Phyllis Woods, at their art studio in Tucson.

There's More To It

Above is one ofJonathan's paintings in progress at his Phoenix Studio called "There's More To It".  Below is his painting "Gather Your Thoughts" displayed at the Lanning Gallery in Sedona.

"Gather Your Thoughts" - Urban Art by Jonathan Howard

Friends Having Fun

Lunch date with Gourmet Sailing Adventures on Chez Nous, Marcie Armstrong, chef & captain, San Diego Bay.

Rodney and Lanette Mackey, Sept. 12 2009

Rodney & Lanette Mackey joined us for sailing on San Diego Bay...a perfect day for celebrating their anniversary and Carolyn's birthday on the water...lunch at Anthony's.

Lonnie & Skip in the White Mountains of Arizona

Ruth & Mo Holthaus. accompanied us for a week in Mexico to celebrate our 30th (Mar 2007)

Taking a moment for music with Rich, playing guitar, as Jim & Ivean listen while sailing on "Ocean Blue"


The linked pictures reflect some great memories for all of us who miss Carolyn's folks.

Deaner Family 1949

Deaner Family (1949) 

Heather & Jonathan

Daughter, Heather with her husband Jonathan and their children, Jethro, Miriam, Kayla & Rachel have a very busy household.  Jonathan is a Major in the U.S. Army working at Fort Leavenworth.  Heather is a librarian (MA; University of Arizona) who is taking time to care for her four children.

Here are some wedding pics from October 15, 2006, taken at the historic Arizona Inn.  The day before the wedding, there was a reception BBQ at the Watson house (I did see Father of the Bride).

David & Catalina


Son, David graduated with a BS in Environmental Science at the University of Arizona.  Currently he works as an Astronomer at Kitt Peak National Observatory south of Tucson.  David's girlfriend, Catalina, recently graduated also with a BS from the UA.


David playing guitar at Thanksgiving 2012

David at Crater Lake

Hawaii 2008

Summer 2008 we went to Hawaii with our friends, Ned & Deana for a couple of weeks of sunshine and fun.  We rented a house in Kaneohe which is located on the opposite side of Oahu from Honolulu.  David was working on a coffee farm on the big island of Hawaii and he was able to join us.  Here are some pictures.

Ned & Deana at the Hawaii Yacht Club where we are members.

David chillin' in Hawaii with us


Jethro Miriam Kayla 2013Sep

Jethro, Miriam & Kayla (Sep 2013) 


Jethro & Miriam (Nov 2012) 


Kayla at 4 months (Dec 2012)

Rachel Riley 6 weeks 

Rachel at 6 weeks (Apr 2014)



Petaluma My Girl

"My Girl" is our Newport Mark III 30-foot sailboat.  On three separate occasions the summer 2013, artists chose to paint her.  Here, we are on the Petaluma River in Sonoma Valley.

We belong to the Hawaii Yacht Club and..

...we have a slip (B-57) at Loews Coronado Bay Resort on Coronado Island.

It is a great place to get together with friends, so please let us know if you expect to be in the neighborhood.

During our month-long cruise in July 2012 we sailed to Mission Beach, Newport Beach, Marina Del Rey & Catalina Island, where we stayed at Twin Harbors & Avalon.


Mooring at Avalon (Jul 2012)


Dolphins to starboard in the Santa Barbara Channel (Jul 2012)

Rich doing maintenance at the masthead of "Ocean Blue" (Tayana 55)

"Ocean Blue" mooring in Catalina with Avalon directly off the stern

A whale joined us about 25 miles offshore on our way back to Coronado Island

The Silver Strand State Beach on Coronado Island is within a few steps of our slip.  There is an underground pedestrian tunnel going under the road from the bay side to the Pacific Ocean.

Silver Strand State Beach

San Carlos, Mexico, 1976

This is a picture of us in 1976 when we were at San Carlos for the first time.  The location is "Catch 22" beach and we were standing directly in front of what is now known as the "Soggy Peso" bar.  Below, is a picture of the Fiesta Hotel in 1976.

Please send an email to Carolyn at watson9137@gmail.com if you have news to share.


Skyline from San Diego Bay

Coronado Bridge from the causeway at Loews

Star of India in San Diego Bay

"Star of India" going from the Navy Yard to the Maritime Museum in San Diego Bay (Sep 2009)

Eastern Shore of Oahu, looking toward Kaneohe

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